"So what would you like for Christmas?" Shel asked Commodore Toronto. "Why I would like you to do your job." The good cat replied. That being writing stories. So far you haven't written how Victoria became a crew member of the brigantine Catavenger. I realize that we have pretty much retired from adventures but our fan's (mostly Nan) would like to read the story of how she came aboard our good ship and became a member of the crew . . ."



Once upon a time not so many years ago the brigantine Catavenger, the ship that rarely looks the same way twice was sailing off of a dangerous coast in rough and choppy water. Fortunately for the crew much of the ship is now automated so that no one needs to stand look out in the crows-nest instead the look outs can stay snug below and monitor cameras mounted on masts and various places. Other technicians can monitor sonar and radar etc. "Ahoy look to the starboard side!" Leftenant Vancouver shouted.
There in the rough dark water was a tiny raft. It was little more than a few logs lashed together with vines. Clinging to one of the logs for dear life was a very wet tiny bedraggled orange kitten. What little of there was of the raft was breaking apart. It seemed as if the kitten would drown. Commodore Toronto knew what must be done. Without a thought for his own safety brave Toronto dove in the water.

*Ready To Leap*

Toronto swam to the kitten and held her head above water. On deck Captain of Marines Montreal threw down a rope. Toronto grabbed it and crewmembers hauled them aboard. The kitten was in pretty bad shape and needed much nursing to recuperate.



On the pirate cat's lair, the island they named Shel Cat Cay the orange kitten Victoria quickly recovered. She grew into a beautiful cat. Victoria told the Captain and crew of the brigantine Catavenger that she had very little memory. However she believed she must have once been held captive and escaped. She also believes there were others. Since she now however has partial amnesia she can't remember where she was held captive.

One day soon however when she regains her memory you can rest assured that Commodore Toronto will lead a raid and rescue them.

This Story Is Dedicated to the Memory of Nan. A Friend I Miss. R.I.P Nan . . .

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